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Christmas Tree Pose





To fight is to surrender
To one’s fear and pride
And step onto the battlefield
Well knowing that it might

Bring either victory and wisdom
Or scatter loss and pain
So much to loose
Such wealth to gain

It’s to stand strong
Be still and breath
Exist in the moment
And feel the earth underneath

To move with the wind
Heart light as a leaf
To ground like a rock
To believe

She’s steady and kind
Both supple and fierce
And the voice of her heart
Is all that she hears

To fight is to surrender
To the deepest of one’s soul
The warrior seeks stillness
Though the battle
Makes her whole


Fancy Singapore: You cannot fall out of the pose!

I told myself I was ridiculous for feeling so effing nervous but I couldn’t help it. There I was. Sloppy H&M clothes around my waste, dusty old back-pack strapped tight, sweating like people do when they walk instead of emerging glamorously from a taxi.

The Marina Bay Sands rose high above my head and even though it looked iconic in pictures and impressive from a distance, now it was nothing but a gloomy gray shadow casted over me. If I have ever felt more out of place somewhere in my life, my mind must have banned the memory.
Shops selling things I cannot afford. People wearing flip-flops worth more than my entire outfit. Suitcases and purses only. No backpacks and hiking shoes.
Keeping up appearances, I demanded myself to not fall out of my role and keep looking confident.

It’s rich Kim now, I pretended: the one with a Mercedes, swimming pool, sauna and room for a pony.

(A solid high five to anyone getting that reference :))

Then Ayako walked in the room and instantly my stress faded. It had been two years since we met in Japan and to have her come and meet me here, I already realized, would be one of the highlights of this trip. A highlight that could not be matched even by that majestic infinity pool hovering above us: the pool every tourist comes for, the reason we, too, booked at the Marina Bay Sands. Continue reading Fancy Singapore: You cannot fall out of the pose!