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Kashan sunsets

Kashan is only a short 3 hour trip from Tehran’s busy Jonoub bus terminal but feels a world away in terms of size, layout and atmosphere. It’s a small town, famous mostly for the old houses that are scattered around the centre, many today being used as bed and breakfasts. My hostel, too, was found in one of these beautiful old buildings and as far as dorm rooms go, this one felt pretty authentic. The courtyard, with it’s fountains and pomegranate trees, made for a true home away from home.

This hostel is also were I met Marie, a young French girl enjoying a break from her studies. We decided to discover the city together and enjoyed many an evening getting lost in the alleys. Continue reading Kashan sunsets


Hidden wonders

Mermaid compilation

I decided to redraw this old thing that I made 20 years ago.
(I also decided I still don’t know how to draw ships)
Nine year old me titled this “hidden wonders” because yeah, I guess I’ve always had a thing for drama. I might make another one when I’m 50. It’d better be a masterpiece then 🙂