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My top recommendations for Armenia

As I write this, the first leg of my round the world trip is slowly coming to an end. In less than a month I will be back home for Christmas. So far, I have travelled during three months, and through six countries. While all of them were great in their own way, two have managed to completely exceed my expectations: Kazakhstan and Armenia.

In this post I will attempt to share both my love for the country and my recommendations for low-budget travellers. Continue reading My top recommendations for Armenia


My top recommendations for Iran

Having finally finished my blog about Iran, here are some of the top tips and recommendations I took home from my three week journey: Continue reading My top recommendations for Iran

I shaved for nothing: a short recap on my two week trip through Uzbekistan

My journey through Uzbekistan has come to an end.
In this post I’d like to give you a little recap of the places I visited, what businesses I recommend and how I got through immigration control at Chernyaevka border crossing. Continue reading I shaved for nothing: a short recap on my two week trip through Uzbekistan

Ujjayi and frustrations

It’s all aum and ujjayi breath until
you can’t possibly
get into that easy looking pose you hoped to do so swiftly.

Yep. That’s me in my least professional moments of yoga.
Despite all the inner peace aspirations and focus and aums and ujjayi breathing… Sometimes I just can’t help but smile at myself for loosing all grounding when said moment comes.

In my case, I’ve been doing yoga since three years, practising 6 hours a week for the last couple of months now, and I’ve seen mayor improvements. Like many people, I started taking classes for physical reasons and never imagined that the mind would benefit even more than the body. I have learned and changed so much from embracing yoga, that I simply can’t imagine my life or spirit to go without it. And yet there is this one pose that always leaves me feeling unable and discouraged, because it’s supposed to be so simple and looks so easy: Virasana or Hero pose.

I’m aware of a fracture in my hips and know that this is the reason why my legs probably won’t ever to turn that way, but accepting this boundary as something permanent, non improvable, hurts my pride and it will surely take many many more hours of yoga to get over that.

So today, while I sat on my mat in frustration, I thought of the above quote.
What I want to share in this post, apart from a touch of humour, is that it’s fine to have flaws. That it’s fine to be imperfect no matter how hard you work on perfection. And that what’s easy for one person, can be extremely difficult for another. So don’t judge. Don’t judge others, don’t judge yourself. Breath in, find the ujjayi, surrender the mind to the heart and namaste.

Also let me take this moment to share one of my favourite versions of mantra songs with you.

I hope you’ll like it and, as always, share your thoughts!