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Worries are like vampires.
They hide in the daytime but at night they come and suck the life out of you.


Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore

(This entry is part of the Coming 2016 side blog)

“Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore.”

That’s what captain Jack Sparrow answered to one of the guards, after he tore of Elisabeth’s corset with a knife to safe her from suffocating (Pirates of the Caribbean, the Curse of the Black Pearle).
“I would never have thought of that,” the guard said. To which Jack implied that, apparently, Singapore is a good place to learn how to disrobe women swift and with slightly violent manners. Now that I’ve got my flight booked, I’m not sure what to think of that… However, Singapore does, in my head, bring images of grim, long gone port hustlers, Chinese mafia and prostitutes. I should know better. I should know that these days, it’s more of a hyper modern, rather expensive haven of up-scale hotels and glitzy shopping malls.

But… secretly I’ve been quoting captain Jack Sparrow every time I amaze someone with a cunning trick that I master and they do not. Let it be clear: tearing of corsets isn’t one of them. But that doesn’t matter. “Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore” does a rather satisfying job in making one feel a little inferior, a little unknowing, a little less world savvy. “How did you manage to cook that risotto so on point?” – “Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore.” “Are you sure it’s a good idea to drink another glass of wine?” – “Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore.” “That’s a rather impressing yoga-pose.” – “Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore.” It makes no sense, and yet it makes all the sense in the world. Only problem was, that I’ve never actually been to Singapore myself… Soon, those days will be gone. I will leave them behind me and proclaim out loud, proud and rightfully so, that I am better than you because Singapore has made me wiser about all one needs to know. I will be a little Jack Sparrow in a world of cocky British guards and I will love it.

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Singapore ended up my travel list only because of this quote… but yeah. It kinda did. It kinda did a lot. Because of that, and the Marina Bay Sands.

One fine day I was scrolling Pinterest’s travel tab and up came a picture of a broad infinity pool, stories high above a metropolitan city, overlooking skyscrapers and a stunning sunset. “Wow,” I said, out loud. “I want to swim there!”


I usually don’t pay much for accommodation. Actually, I sleep in hostels all the time. Dormitory rooms for under 20 EUR. In Asia, way under 20 EUR. So the Marina Bay Sands Hotel – the bastards who own the pool and only allow hotel guests inside of it – is not just a little treat. It’s about to cost more than all my other lodgings on this month long trip COMBINED! It’s ridiculous. It’s hideously overpriced. It’s madness. And I’ve tried to tell myself that a dip in a pool surely isn’t worth such horrendous amounts of money, but I failed in convincing myself. Apparently, my brain isn’t going to compromise. It wants the pool, at all costs. So I’ll be going there. With my dirty backpack and my H&M clothes. Storing cheap convenience store snacks in the mini bar. Wading around in a worn out bikini. And I’ll be rocking that infinity pool like a pirate.

– “Who would ever spend so much on a hotel room?”
– “Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore.”
It’s gonna go down like a gem.

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We are the warriors of compassion

I’m quoting one of my yoga teachers today, the wonderful Anat Geiger, who shared a beautiful talk about compassion and acceptance.

“We spend so much energy worrying.

Worrying that we are not good enough, that our lives are not good enough, that our bodies are not good enough… That life is somehow going to hurt us.

There’s this constant static in the back of our mind, of worry. And even though that is a completely natural human experience, in yoga we are trying to move a little deeper than the surface, and see if we can practice the opposite of worry; which is being completely content, with everything being exactly as it is right now.

For one breath.
And if one breath goes, then see if you can take a second breath in this contentment space.

This last little bit (of the practice) is about complete surrender and acceptance. And I find that sometimes when we say acceptance, it sounds almost as if we give up and have to settle for less.

This is a Western way of thinking of acceptance. The true meaning of the word is embracing. Understanding that our desires and what we want are not necessarily better than what is. A true warrior can actually be free like this: to enjoy what is present, what is given.”

Thanks to yoga and the talented people who teach me, I found that all of these things can come so easily during practice.
It makes me believe that one day, they might also come this easily during life.

References: you can watch the class “We are warriors of compassion,” to which the above text refers, on Ekhart Yoga (but you’ll need a subscription). This class plays with warrior poses and is thought by – as mentioned – Anat Geiger. Her website is here.



Where’s North from here?

I wanted to share this documentary with you because when I first saw it 5 years ago, it matched completely with how I was feeling.

Actually, I felt even worse. At least the people in the video were successful and working on their dreams. What was I doing? I hadn’t even started to dare what I dreamed of.

I realised that, if I wasn’t going to listen to my heart and start focussing on what I considered important myself, I’d get horribly depressed. Yet at the same time I fell pray to a ton of insecurities; a scorching need for attention and perfection. Frankly, I imagined myself ending up like the people in the video. And I panicked.

I decided something needed to change.

I think this is an incredibly important documentary.
Click this link for the full version in Dutch. There used to be a full subtitled version out there online, but I fail to find it.
This is directed by Sarah Mathilde Domogala.

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A bird on a branch

Bird and balloon

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking,
because it trusts not in the branch,
but in it’s own wings

I want to post more of my favourite quotes but I don’t like the classic “motivational” thing where I’d put them over dreamy pictures. I tried but I failed. So now I want to make quick doodles every once in a while to accompany them. I don’t like the style of this one yet… Please bear with me. I might abandon this project as abruptly as I started it.