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I tried to draw my mom and me from a picture for mothers day. It didn’t turn out as good as I hoped… I really regret having done the outlines, it looked better without. But then there’s no ctrl Z on real paper…

I thought it would be nice to do a hand made gift after all those years. Because you do it when you’re little, remember? You make this useless things in kinder garden and your parents have to pretend to be super stoked about them. But then, I do agree that there is a value in hand made things that can’t be found in a bought gift so… Outlines or no outlines, it’s still better than what I did 28 years ago 🙂



Aquarel selfie


My latest watercolour practice turned out way better than expected.
I don’t really know how I manage to make a drawing both better looking than real life and disproportional at the same time… but it’s still my best attempt to self portrait ever. I’m happy.

I wish I had a jawline like that in real life though… Hahaha! Not.