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Then I ask myself the same question…



Pills or candles

Today I lit a candle
It made the headache go away
Or was that the Ibuprofen?
I don’t know, what can I say?

I sat and watched and for a second
My inner self danced with the flame
A little peace, a little quiet
A little art outside the frame.

My inner self and all its stories
They like to go outside and play
If I’m to write ’bout pills or candles
I’ll choose the second any day


I was very moved by the sight of the library tower this morning. The slender building gradually faded into a grey sky and mist thick as smoke. The arrow on top was almost invisible, just a hint of its gold was left for the eye to see; a subtle shimmer. I think I could discern it only because I already knew it was there.
I stopped and stared for a long time. The image resembled a faded picture, oddly animated by the slight movement in the air. Surely I felt like giving it all a deeper meaning – I tried – but my heart was too tired and my brain could not think. So instead I just stood, hands in pockets, sharing a moment of oddly animated immobility with a library, the clouds and one hidden arrow.

Fortune favours the Bold


At dawn when the morning rises
The flowers turn their heads to see
The golden rays and silver linings
They do it soft yet mindlessly

As the days shrink in the autumn
Leafs fall certain from the trees
Abandoned swift and without warning
Yet they rustle in the breeze

Steadily and never ending
Changes come throughout the year
The caterpillar grows its wings
Without doubt and without fear

So why build walls and why build fences
Why sit still and guard and hold
When even the light of stars has written
Now and forever

Fortune favours the BOLD



To fight is to surrender
To one’s fear and pride
And step onto the battlefield
Well knowing that it might

Bring either victory and wisdom
Or scatter loss and pain
So much to loose
Such wealth to gain

It’s to stand strong
Be still and breath
Exist in the moment
And feel the earth underneath

To move with the wind
Heart light as a leaf
To ground like a rock
To believe

She’s steady and kind
Both supple and fierce
And the voice of her heart
Is all that she hears

To fight is to surrender
To the deepest of one’s soul
The warrior seeks stillness
Though the battle
Makes her whole


The wings of curtailed birds

So many ways to live
So many ways to die
And all we fear is love
And all we do is try

There is no curtain call
For those we’ve pushed aside
Their names upon the wall
Are wiped out in the night

Meanwhile our hearts forget
There is no pride in words
No fame in cutting off
The wings of curtailed birds

Perhaps we call it justice
Perceive ourselves as fierce
And boldly claim a right
To smash and bruise and pierce

In this mere play we shout
The verses by our hands
We throw poetic madness
Regardless where it lands

So many ways to speak
So many ways to lie
When all we lack is love, my dear
How dare we even try


Poppy II

“Free” I wrote
Above all beauty

Free to stand beneath the sky
And like the poppies in the field
I’d be different …
I would try

Yet now the winds
Sing harvest songs
While all the fields lay bare
And my eyes have filled with water
Like the clouds have filled the air

There’s always been a distance
Between this world and I
For my feet walk different soil
And my eyes see different sky

However I was bold enough
To think I wouldn’t care
Perhaps I dreamed of finding beauty
Perhaps I dreamed that I would dare

However now I need someone
For I remain a stranger kind
Someone who understands my feelings
Someone who doesn’t judge or mind

Because to you I’m not a poppy
I’m but a weed, no more
Unable to live fully
Clearly broken at the core

And so I stand alone again
The curse of scarlet blood it seems
When autumn comes these petals fall
Unable to express my dreams

At night I sit and wonder
If my words and songs are true
For all they’ve meant and mean to me
They mean nothing to you

Could one someday acknowledge, please
Embrace and grasp the essence of
The heart that is a poppy
How deep I feel
How deep I love