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Art or artist?

Sometimes when I’m running errands, I like to pop into my local church and just sit. I’m not particularly religious, but I overthink my day, say thanks and sometimes – when I’m in an exceptionally spiritual mood – I chat with the universe.

There is something lovely about churches (and mosques and temples, for that matter). They hold a quiet. A piece of mind. A just sit and be. A welcome home.
I closed my eyes.

That’s when I noticed it. The church – which is under renovation – didn’t smell like the usual candles or incense. It smelled like paint. It smelled like an artists atelier, complete with a hint of dust on the floor and soft filtered light floating through matte windows.

I loved it.

Creation is art
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Camino colours

My recent trip to Spain was the first on which I brought a portable watercolour set. To be honest, I only started painting a couple of weeks before I left and I hoped that the Spanish light and broad views would motivate me to practice more.

While I hated being pressured into showing my work to other pilgrims, and I didn’t even carry a watercolour book (just a regular notebook with rough fuzzy paper), I ended up making more paintings than I thought I would. And even on the days were the weather was too cold or the journey too long to take time out for sketching, I usually painted from a picture as soon as I got to the hostel (pictures at the bottom of this article). Continue reading Camino colours

Aquarel selfie


My latest watercolour practice turned out way better than expected.
I don’t really know how I manage to make a drawing both better looking than real life and disproportional at the same time… but it’s still my best attempt to self portrait ever. I’m happy.

I wish I had a jawline like that in real life though… Hahaha! Not.

Hidden wonders

Mermaid compilation

I decided to redraw this old thing that I made 20 years ago.
(I also decided I still don’t know how to draw ships)
Nine year old me titled this “hidden wonders” because yeah, I guess I’ve always had a thing for drama. I might make another one when I’m 50. It’d better be a masterpiece then 🙂

I need to learn how to paint…

So I bought myself some aquarelle paint and pencils.
Well damn… this is something I haven’t done in a long time and I just realized I don’t know how to do it.
Also, why the hell did I buy aquarelle when I keep using it like acrylic paint???
Anyway, it’s a lot of fun. If feel 10 years old again.
I think I’m going to by acrylic paint next 🙂 And maybe try something easier than a f****** face for starters.


Well I guess the background looks kinda aquarelle… Hahaha. Oh God…