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The frothy deliciousness that is Iced Matcha Banana Latte

I don’t know about you guys, but here in Belgium spring has finally arrived and the weather is beautiful. This is the proper time to introduce you to Matcha Latte, as it’s gorgeous pale green colour perfectly matches early spring, and it’s cooling, delicious taste will refresh you all summer long.

Matcha latteI first tasted matcha while travelling Japan and I have been madly in love since. Although this luxurious, pure kind of powdered green tea is pretty expensive, it’s worth every cent you spend on it.

Not only is it super tasty, it’s also said to be extremely healthy. Full of catechin, matcha is one of the most powerful antioxidants you can find; not a single tea on the market contains more cancer fighting elements. Matcha also has calming properties that increase concentration and lifts energy levels without the drawbacks of high caffeine intake. Like all other green teas, it boosts the metabolism and detoxifies the body, however one glass of Matcha equals ten cups of regular, distilled tea when it comes to it’s nutritional value and health benefits. It doesn’t raise insulin levels, is anti-bacterial and lowers cholesterol. Do you need any more reasons to try this miraculous tea?

When first tasting matcha, it can be a bit confusing, especially when drinking it pure and hot. The bitter, strong flavour isn’t to be compared to “regular” green teas and neither is the structure. My first encounter with it, however, was at a coffee bar in Hakata, Fukuoka, and it came iced, heavily sweetened and topped with an ice cream swirl.

Indeed, matcha can be found in many forms, plenty of them being desserts: matcha mocchi, matcha ice cream, matcha cake, matcha coated cookies… all of them are heavenly. My recipe for this refreshing summer smoothie, however, is both healthy and a real treat. Here we go! Continue reading The frothy deliciousness that is Iced Matcha Banana Latte


Moist banana cake

It was cold and dark yesterday night. A violent and disturbing wind bashed the windowpanes of my tiny flat and rattled the doors. Unsettled, I was sitting in my sofa like a little pile of misery. Crunched up in a ball, face all wet from crying my heart out after watching The Imitation Game. I’ve mentioned Graham Moore’s Oscar speech on this blog before, yet after actually seeing the movie, his words touch me even more.

There I was. Contemplating life and fighting off a small internal crisis on whether it’s still okay to #StayWeird without being a gifted mathematician or extraordinary writer.
That’s when I decided to bake a banana cake. If you don’t see the correlation, it’s pretty straight forward. Nothing matches stormy nights like the smell of warm dessert floating through your house. And nothing suits the mind like stirring batter mindfully, while singing out loud in the kitchen.

Can you believe that I never even tasted banana cake before? What a shame!

Banana Cake

But enough about me and my questionable mental health. Let’s get down to business. Continue reading Moist banana cake

Healthy “Brownies”


This year I started something I’ve never done before: fasting.  It’s horrible. Eight days in and here I am, highly regretting my decision. The co-workers who talked me in to this have chickened out and some (yes, I’m talking to you Greet) haven’t even started!

Long story short, personally I’m too proud to give up, and since I could lose a few pounds (let’s be honest), I decided to stay strong, chin high, and… desperately started looking for desserts that fit my “no fat, no sugar, no junk food” month of torture.
Thanks to my yoga class website, I found this recipe, and because I was in serious need for sweets, I decided to give it a try.

First of all I want you to know that I’m not much of a healthy cooking person. I’m great in making desserts. But that means: real desserts. Full fat, full sugar delights. The idea of vegan “cheese” and egg-less cakes kinda freaks me out. But there’s a saying in my country that goes “emergency breaks laws” and so there I was, messing up my ENTIRE kitchen, nearly blowing up my blender, trying to get this little piece of wannabe brownie together.

Was it worth the effort?

Did the brownie turn out edible?
Yes… kind of. I guess it doesn’t even taste that bad. It doesn’t really taste like brownie, though. But it has some chocolate tang and a nice hint of coconut which I highly appreciate. It’s sweet, because it’s full of dates and almonds. It’s sticky. And I must admit that I managed to resist my mom’s pie this Sunday, only because I knew I, at least, had this witty substitute waiting for me in the fridge.

You’ll notice my picture doesn’t look much like the picture in the recipe. In my defence, that’s because I don’t have a food processor. Instead I had to try and get everything mixed in my blender, which is just as much fit for that job as I am for fasting. I’m sure that if you healthy, vegan, clean eating folks try it, it’ll turn out great. Some people have a natural flair for this kind of dessert. Not me, but some.

So yeah, I wanted to share.
These healthy “brownies” have no eggs, no flour, no processed sugar, they’re raw, lactose free and I guess they’re vegan too. So woot, there’s a whole bunch of diet-responsible people about to go crazy on this one.