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Gratefulness and emptiness

I made this drawing to say thank you to my colleagues whom I’m leaving after 10 years. Yesterday was my last day in the office… I think I still need a moment to process it all: the sadness of goodbyes and the excitement of a new beginning, the waves of kind attention and gifts, the gratefulness and emptiness.

It’s always been my goal on this blog to write from honesty. I don’t believe the world is served by false portrayals of perfection or happiness: there are two sides to every coin and travel is no exception. Continue reading Gratefulness and emptiness


Winy, self-absorbed bitch

I’m well aware that one of the most negative sides of my personality is that I can be quite the winy, self-absorbed bitch sometimes.
The good thing is that usually, at the end of all the drama, I come away with the positive side of the story and cultivate a deep gratitude for it.


Last weekend I got pretty hurt over criticism opinions my friends gave me – and Lord knows I don’t take criticism well (whether just or not). So for a couple of days I’ve been crying to myself about how nobody understands and values me and how I’ll always be lonely – as if loneliness is the purest state of who I am – an identity – a mission.
Obvious bullshit. Continue reading Winy, self-absorbed bitch