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Salute the sun!

I just wanted to let everyone know that my online yoga teachers at Ekhart Yoga (whom are awesome) do a free 108 sun-salutations class on the first ever International Yoga Day this June 21!

Yes, I’m pretty exited 🙂

Let’s all salute life and the fire inside by taking part!

(Click the picture below for more information about this program)

108 Sun Salutations for International Yoga Day with EkhartYoga



Bring it home

When I need to run
Or need to hide
I make my way around
To leave what’s known
To cherish what’s scarce
And to nowhere be found

Can’t hold me down
Can’t look for me
As I’ll be far away
To see new eyes
To speak new words
Somewhere where night is day

These good old shoes
Will walk the roads
Until my mind is free
And all I find when running
All dreams there are to see
All beauty that surrounds us

I’ll bring it home with me


As I stand here
Like a spy
A stranger under open sky

Brushing the dark dust of the land
With the fragile touch
Of my scarlet hand

I know this world is mine
Therefore with pride I pose
Never shall I be pilfered
And as a warning to those

Who consider me theirs:
Know though my heart is humble
No vase imprisons me

I will die and scatter and crumble
For above all beauty
I am free


(uit Ik heb een weg nodig)