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Is a dream a lie, when it don’t come true?

And so I walked the last day of my first Via de la Plata. The clock had switched to daylight savings recently and, with that, walking in darkness became a thing again. I enjoyed the absolute quiet. Staying in an albergue alone also means walking alone, and with the nearest towns over 10km behind and ahead of me I knew I’d have the Camino all to myself. Soon came the sunrise.

I talked out loud to the hazy colours – the blue hue that had enveloped the trees and grass. I talked to the birds singing and to the flowers slowly opening up to a new day. I talked about travelling.


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Divine music – Aloha Ke Akua


Saltlake crop

Inspired by this gorgeous song:

Would you believe it if you knew what you were for,
and how you became so informed.
Bodies of info
performing such miracles.
I am a miracle made up of particles
and in this existence, I’ll stay persistent,
I’ll make a difference
and I will have lived it.

– Nahko & Medicine for the People: Aloha Ke Akua


Let me tell you something about spring.

Spring is not when the flowers bloom and the trees are clad in green leaves again. Spring is the silent work that happens in the dark solitude of cold, hard ground.

Spring is when the seed, hidden deep down in the earth, decides to grow. It is determination, and the touch of magic that brings aspirations to life.

When we see those efforts reach perfection, we call in spring.
But for the flower,
that first gorgeous blooming is already the start of summer.