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Inverness to Skye: a road of monsters and castles

My dad’s alarm clock sounds like a military trumpet, and it’s rather remarkable how someone can maintain a good mood after being scared out of bed by such horror. However we had a full Scottish breakfast, an early start and plenty of good things waiting, as we drove West to Isle of Skye.

Inverness Castle Road
The sun was still out when we arrived in Inverness.

Our first stop en route was Inverness, where we briefly walked along the river and popped inside the small but cosy cathedral. We also spotted our first kilt clad Scotsman! Indeed, the day would offer a lot of clichés: rain, sheep, castles and monsters. Continue reading Inverness to Skye: a road of monsters and castles


Trujillo and Chinchón

On my way home from the Via de la Plata, I visited two historic towns: lavish Trujillo and cute little Chinchón.


lies closest to the pilgrims route, less than an hour by bus from Cáceres. It is most famous for being the birth town of conquistador Francisco Pizarro, which is controversial, knowing what horrible faith he brought to the Americas in his quest for gold and fame.

For the town of Trujillo, however, his conquests meant wealth and until today the old centre boast grandeur: a scenic plaza mayor (with large statue of Pizarro), an Arabic fort, renaissance palaces and plenty of churches. For me, that diverse and well preserved medieval architecture was the main reason to visit. Trujillo is also conveniently located on the road between Cáceres and Madrid, thus made the perfect place to split up the journey.

Trujillo’s Plaza Mayor

Continue reading Trujillo and Chinchón