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Why the Cairngorms should be your first stop in Scotland

It’s well known that, by popular vote, the West of Scotland is far more popular than the East… and there’s a good reason for it. In terms of road trip splendour and easy-access vistas, nothing quite beats Glen Coe or Isle of Skye and truth be told, the multi-day tracking is probably better there, too.

Compared to Scotland’s most famous tourist draws, Cairngorms National Park in the North East might feel like a bleak, monotone or even boring affair. And yet, it’s none of those things – at all! Continue reading Why the Cairngorms should be your first stop in Scotland


On cakes and pudding

I don’t have many failures. If I’m making a cake and it fails it becomes a pudding.

says Clifford Crozier – the man who’ll never know how much such simple sentence meant to me.

That’s the best life advise right there.

So I’m trying to think of my current burn-out as a let’s be forever excellent and loyal in this job cake becoming a have some very well deserved time for yourself pudding,
and that’s actually not too bad. That’s not too bad at all!

Here’s to pudding!

Moist banana cake

It was cold and dark yesterday night. A violent and disturbing wind bashed the windowpanes of my tiny flat and rattled the doors. Unsettled, I was sitting in my sofa like a little pile of misery. Crunched up in a ball, face all wet from crying my heart out after watching The Imitation Game. I’ve mentioned Graham Moore’s Oscar speech on this blog before, yet after actually seeing the movie, his words touch me even more.

There I was. Contemplating life and fighting off a small internal crisis on whether it’s still okay to #StayWeird without being a gifted mathematician or extraordinary writer.
That’s when I decided to bake a banana cake. If you don’t see the correlation, it’s pretty straight forward. Nothing matches stormy nights like the smell of warm dessert floating through your house. And nothing suits the mind like stirring batter mindfully, while singing out loud in the kitchen.

Can you believe that I never even tasted banana cake before? What a shame!

Banana Cake

But enough about me and my questionable mental health. Let’s get down to business. Continue reading Moist banana cake

Cake recipe for your inner five year old

Since I briefly mentioned baking cake yesterday, I decided to share my basic recipe with you guys. It’s shamefully simple, but also ridiculously popular with my friends and co-workers, so I guess simple is good.

Before you get started, however, I’d like to tell you a little something.

Recently, I’ve been letting my inner five year old decorate cakes. It’s a travesty, mostly resulting in a messy kitchen, too much frosting, clumsy designs and colouring that looks far from edible. But it’s SO MUCH FUN!


In darker times, I religiously aspired to making my cakes look like they came straight from the bakery: perfectly smooth, delicate and drop dead gorgeous. If I took them to friends or work, I wanted people to say: “Wow, you really made that yourself?” not think “Wow, am I really supposed to eat this?” Sometimes, baking a cake even became a little stressful because of that self imposed pressure…

But let’s be honest here: what’s the point of a homemade cake if it looks like it comes from a store? Any decent, quality bakery can provide you with a perfect looking cake; freshly made, with clean ingredients and without artificial bullshit. You might pay a lot for it, but you can go and get it any time.

My inner five year old however, thought me what “homemade” is really about. It’s about having a blast. It’s about imagination. It’s about getting creative and away from the conformism. It’s about licking the spoon and continuing to use it (yes, I confess).

Does this mean that I’m never going to make a divine looking piece of patisserie any more? Of course not. Does it mean I invite you to take your inner child into the kitchen and get crazy for once? YES!
Think about it: if the result ends up being really that ridiculous, you’ll just have to eat the whole thing yourself. And that is, indeed, the worst case scenario.

Draw your cake

Continue reading Cake recipe for your inner five year old