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A blessing of solitude

Oh that glorious walk between Monesterio and Fuente de Cantos… No words or pictures would do it justice. It was without a doubt the most beautiful stretch of walking I encountered on my mini-camino (that is, the part between Sevilla and Cáceres) and it lifted my heart beyond expectation.

The weather was overcast and clouded, however fast winds made for an ever changing scenery and shadows travelled over the endless planes in a matter of minutes. The fields were glowing with colour, mainly the bright yellow of tiny flowers and the deep green of moist grass.

The fields seemed to take over the colour of the Camino. Some of them were bright as gold.

The road soon let me into a sea of infinity. This is the Spain I love so much: a landscape that seems endless, with nothing surrounding you but waving hills and heavy skies. A landscape in which one could easily drown.

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Blue Mosque & Aya Sofia duet

Blue Mosque & Aya Sofia duet
as posted on The Novel Guidebook (Istanbul travel stories to come).

This is my recording of the afternoon call to prayer (Asr) of the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey. As you can hear, both buildings are too close to each other to sing independently – it would sound like a mess – and so they sing a duet. The beautiful Blue Mosque leads, and the ancient Aya Sofia follows.

Suliyemaniye Mosque sunset