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To fight is to surrender
To one’s fear and pride
And step onto the battlefield
Well knowing that it might

Bring either victory and wisdom
Or scatter loss and pain
So much to loose
Such wealth to gain

It’s to stand strong
Be still and breath
Exist in the moment
And feel the earth underneath

To move with the wind
Heart light as a leaf
To ground like a rock
To believe

She’s steady and kind
Both supple and fierce
And the voice of her heart
Is all that she hears

To fight is to surrender
To the deepest of one’s soul
The warrior seeks stillness
Though the battle
Makes her whole



Autumn winds

What is it that my soul is craving?
Why do I feel so empty and lonely inside?
Why is it that I count the hours at day
Only to stare at the ceiling at night?

The skin on my bones seems to no longer fit
A trim on the edges could fix it, maybe
Shave the hair, burn the clothes
And wash off the itchiness, that is me

Autumn winds have scorched the leaves on the trees
Soon they will fall like death from the sky
They’ll be crumbled by the footsteps of strangers
Despised and forgotten, my friend, so am I