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And so it begins: Saint Petersburg

And so it begins.
The biggest country in the world.

While the plane prepared for landing I looked East and realised that vast, cloud clad horizon went on and on, all the way to Japan. It’s hard to grasp the size of this country, especially when you only visit two places. Here I am in the first: Saint Petersburg.

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Art or artist?

Sometimes when I’m running errands, I like to pop into my local church and just sit. I’m not particularly religious, but I overthink my day, say thanks and sometimes – when I’m in an exceptionally spiritual mood – I chat with the universe.

There is something lovely about churches (and mosques and temples, for that matter). They hold a quiet. A piece of mind. A just sit and be. A welcome home.
I closed my eyes.

That’s when I noticed it. The church – which is under renovation – didn’t smell like the usual candles or incense. It smelled like paint. It smelled like an artists atelier, complete with a hint of dust on the floor and soft filtered light floating through matte windows.

I loved it.

Creation is art
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Fortune favours the Bold


At dawn when the morning rises
The flowers turn their heads to see
The golden rays and silver linings
They do it soft yet mindlessly

As the days shrink in the autumn
Leafs fall certain from the trees
Abandoned swift and without warning
Yet they rustle in the breeze

Steadily and never ending
Changes come throughout the year
The caterpillar grows its wings
Without doubt and without fear

So why build walls and why build fences
Why sit still and guard and hold
When even the light of stars has written
Now and forever

Fortune favours the BOLD

Hidden wonders

Mermaid compilation

I decided to redraw this old thing that I made 20 years ago.
(I also decided I still don’t know how to draw ships)
Nine year old me titled this “hidden wonders” because yeah, I guess I’ve always had a thing for drama. I might make another one when I’m 50. It’d better be a masterpiece then 🙂

I need to learn how to paint…

So I bought myself some aquarelle paint and pencils.
Well damn… this is something I haven’t done in a long time and I just realized I don’t know how to do it.
Also, why the hell did I buy aquarelle when I keep using it like acrylic paint???
Anyway, it’s a lot of fun. If feel 10 years old again.
I think I’m going to by acrylic paint next 🙂 And maybe try something easier than a f****** face for starters.


Well I guess the background looks kinda aquarelle… Hahaha. Oh God…

Chibi me 2015

Happy to say the Chibi’s are back this year (even though I didn’t go to Japan). I love them too much to let them go 🙂
They’ll star on the cover of my 2015 picture book, as they were fortunate enough to travel to Istanbul, Marrakesh, Zaragoza, Valencia and Budapest.
Now it’s time to start planning next years trip I guess  🙂

2015 compilation