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Gratefulness and emptiness

I made this drawing to say thank you to my colleagues whom I’m leaving after 10 years. Yesterday was my last day in the office… I think I still need a moment to process it all: the sadness of goodbyes and the excitement of a new beginning, the waves of kind attention and gifts, the gratefulness and emptiness.

It’s always been my goal on this blog to write from honesty. I don’t believe the world is served by false portrayals of perfection or happiness: there are two sides to every coin and travel is no exception. Continue reading Gratefulness and emptiness


I quit my job to travel

I’ve been working in the same company ever since I graduated ten years ago. It’s a good job with nice colleagues and lot’s of benefits. It’s in the city where I’ve studied and now live for six years. Convenient in every possible way. And yet last week I handed in my three months notice. I quit. I also handed it the notice on my flat a month ago.

From September onwards, I won’t be found wandering familiar cobblestone streets. If all goes well, I’ll instead be on the road with nothing but a backpack and some hard earned savings to spend. Yes, it’s scary. I very well realise this decision has the potential to be either the best or worst choice I’ve ever made…

Things leading up to it include 12 years of dreaming about world travel, a recent burn-out and an unusual flare of bravery. I can write at length about my motivations and obstacles, but won’t in this post (surely there are more entries to come).

For now, this is all I’m willing to share.

I will soon finish the blog-series on my Camino2017 (which was halted last month, because I couldn’t tell that story without giving away my plans of resigning). After that, there is a new series on Scotland to come before I aim for broader horizons.

I’m uncertain yet exited. Scared yet confident. And I probably haven’t done anything this brave/stupid in my entire life.

Yet here I go.

Nothing has ever rebirthed me like this!

My mini-pilgrimage on the Via de la Plata started with a big grin under a blue sky. Before leaving home I had been worried. The burnout had ruined my energy levels, I hadn’t been working out (not even doing yoga) in four months and the few training walks I did make had often left me exhausted for the rest of the day or even week.

But that was Belgium. As it turned out, I left a lot of my worries and fatigue somewhere between home and Spain.
“Sorry madam, these doubts are not allowed in carry-on.”
“Excuse me miss, please straighten your self esteem and roll up the blinds around your heart, we are preparing for landing.”

Now I was in Sevilla. My bag got a shell and my credential got a stamp. And as I closed the door of the (very recommendable) Hostel Triana behind me and looked up to the morning sky, I could smell the energy of spring in the air. It felt so good to be back on a Camino!

Walks out of big cities are never fun, but that day it didn’t matter. I was a pilgrim again, after six years, and not until I set my first step did I realise how much I had missed it.

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Fortune favours the Bold


At dawn when the morning rises
The flowers turn their heads to see
The golden rays and silver linings
They do it soft yet mindlessly

As the days shrink in the autumn
Leafs fall certain from the trees
Abandoned swift and without warning
Yet they rustle in the breeze

Steadily and never ending
Changes come throughout the year
The caterpillar grows its wings
Without doubt and without fear

So why build walls and why build fences
Why sit still and guard and hold
When even the light of stars has written
Now and forever

Fortune favours the BOLD