Travel Child

You are a child of the universe.
No less than the trees and the stars.

Child of the universe


De zee zijn

Als ik kon
Dan zou ik de zee zijn.
Schuimende golven
Waarop je kan drijven.
Het statige ebben en vloed van het tij.

Ik zou de wind zijn waarin
De bloemen wiegen
Die stroomt onder je vleugels
Waarop je kan vliegen

En je meenemen naar waar
Je dromen ontpoppen
Ver voorbij
Deze moeilijke dagen

Als de wind en de golven
Altijd, zonder stoppen
Zo zou ik de zee zijn
Zo wil ik je dragen.

Healthy “Brownies”


This year I started something I’ve never done before: fasting.  It’s horrible. Eight days in and here I am, highly regretting my decision. The co-workers who talked me in to this have chickened out and some (yes, I’m talking to you Greet) haven’t even started!

Long story short, personally I’m too proud to give up, and since I could lose a few pounds (let’s be honest), I decided to stay strong, chin high, and… desperately started looking for desserts that fit my “no fat, no sugar, no junk food” month of torture.
Thanks to my yoga class website, I found this recipe, and because I was in serious need for sweets, I decided to give it a try.

First of all I want you to know that I’m not much of a healthy cooking person. I’m great in making desserts. But that means: real desserts. Full fat, full sugar delights. The idea of vegan “cheese” and egg-less cakes kinda freaks me out. But there’s a saying in my country that goes “emergency breaks laws” and so there I was, messing up my ENTIRE kitchen, nearly blowing up my blender, trying to get this little piece of wannabe brownie together.

Was it worth the effort?

Did the brownie turn out edible?
Yes… kind of. I guess it doesn’t even taste that bad. It doesn’t really taste like brownie, though. But it has some chocolate tang and a nice hint of coconut which I highly appreciate. It’s sweet, because it’s full of dates and almonds. It’s sticky. And I must admit that I managed to resist my mom’s pie this Sunday, only because I knew I, at least, had this witty substitute waiting for me in the fridge.

You’ll notice my picture doesn’t look much like the picture in the recipe. In my defence, that’s because I don’t have a food processor. Instead I had to try and get everything mixed in my blender, which is just as much fit for that job as I am for fasting. I’m sure that if you healthy, vegan, clean eating folks try it, it’ll turn out great. Some people have a natural flair for this kind of dessert. Not me, but some.

So yeah, I wanted to share.
These healthy “brownies” have no eggs, no flour, no processed sugar, they’re raw, lactose free and I guess they’re vegan too. So woot, there’s a whole bunch of diet-responsible people about to go crazy on this one.


As I stand here
Like a spy
A stranger under open sky

Brushing the dark dust of the land
With the fragile touch
Of my scarlet hand

I know this world is mine
Therefore with pride I pose
Never shall I be pilfered
And as a warning to those

Who consider me theirs:
Know though my heart is humble
No vase imprisons me

I will die and scatter and crumble
For above all beauty
I am free


(uit Ik heb een weg nodig)




Er is iets diep vanbinnen
Dat ik maar vaag herken
Alsof ik jaren ouder
En toch opnieuw
Ontworteld ben

Er is iets diep vanbinnen
Dat me koud maakt en verward
Een stilte die zich opdringt
Als tranen in mijn ogen
En leegte in mijn hart

Er is iets diep vanbinnen
Vertrouwd maar onbemind
Dat sterker wordt
En sterker wordt
En bang, net als een kind

Voel ik dat diep vanbinnen
Een triestheid naar mijn dromen jaagt.
Dat alles wat ik moet
Er eigenlijk niet toe doet
En dat mijn hart om liefde vraagt.

Hier huil ik diep vanbinnen
Mijn eigen armen om me heen
En voor het eerst in al die lange jaren
Voel ik mij alleen.


My take on the world and the things I love. Prominently among them: travel, art and the ordinary. I share my discovery of our beautiful world, my self and the arts I'm trying to develop (photography, sketching and writing) in a way that is both honest and poetic. Please join my journey.

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