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A quick story on Russian to Uzbek border control

I’m always pretty stressed about border control – for no particular reason really. So far (knock on wood) I’ve never had a troublesome experience. Yes, I’ve been questioned at length in Japan (probably because I happened to be the only white person to get of the boat from Korea) and in Istanbul (for no obvious reason), but other than that – nothing has ever gone wrong. And yet – my heart is always beating a bit faster, no matter how hard I try to look like the innocent backpacker I am.

There are few sounds as relieving as the clicking stomp of an immigration stamp on passport paper. Continue reading A quick story on Russian to Uzbek border control


Marvellous Moscow

Let me start this writing by stating my surprise with the punctuality of Russian everything. I suppose I had a stereotypical idea of Russian strictness, in a rather negative or bureaucratic way. But so far I am happy to say that I’ve only experienced the benefits of it (let’s keep it that way!)

Saint Basil's Cathedral
Saint Basil’s Cathedral

A good example is my journey from Saint Petersburg to Moscow. Continue reading Marvellous Moscow

And so it begins: Saint Petersburg

And so it begins.
The biggest country in the world.

While the plane prepared for landing I looked East and realised that vast, cloud clad horizon went on and on, all the way to Japan. It’s hard to grasp the size of this country, especially when you only visit two places. Here I am in the first: Saint Petersburg.

Sturdy immigration officers in outdated uniforms. A strange and incomprehensible language. Helpful people with sullen faces. Continue reading And so it begins: Saint Petersburg