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My favourite coffee bars in Leuven

I’m not a hard-core coffee drinker. In fact, until recently, I only ever had coffee on two occasions: in a restaurant after dinner and in Spain for breakfast (always black, no sugar).

However, there are times in life when you shamelessly get caught up in a hype you initially really tried to ignore. Boat shoes, for example (I swore I’d never wear those until I realised just how comfortable they are). Overpriced gin tonic (I didn’t actually try to fight that one much though). Coffee bars.

If someone would have told me a year ago that I’d be walking around holding a plastic cup of overpriced coffee-caramel milkshake (aka frappé, apparently), I would have either laughed hysterically or punched them in the face. Or both. I’m that kind of psycho. Continue reading My favourite coffee bars in Leuven


Walking towards it

I didn’t expect the city to impress in today’s grim grey weather, but then young 2017 subtly reminded me that beauty can, indeed, be found in the simplest of things.
Since I’ve outgrown the habit of greeting a new year drunk, I’ve started to instead welcome it by walking “towards” it.
Today I acquainted 2017 while wandering around my city and I really must say, it was a promising first date.