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Melaka, Malaysia: Heat Struck

Melaka is the place where I admitted defeat and succumbed to the heat. Those first days in Singapore were hard, undoubtedly. Sticky, yes. But tolerable. I spent the whole day outside, did a fare share of walking and still managed to keep my back straight and my eyes open. On my second day in Melaka, however, I felt so bad that I had to spend the afternoon in café shade under a fan, drinking colourful drinks and fueling on spicy food.

But let’s start where it all began.
I said goodbyes to Ayako at one of Singapore’s bus stations.

It took me surprisingly long to find the right corner on the right street and that annoyed me tremendously, not just because it meant more minutes in the scorching sun but mostly because Ayako was trotting at my side and I felt like doing a really lousy job at travelling.

The bus station was more of a rundown parking lot and I didn’t even need to enter it because apparently my bus would stop right on the street. When the vehicle arrived it didn’t look as advertised at all. The advertisement showed the same bus alright, when it had rolled out the factory 20 years ago. The seats were so worn some of the padding was falling off and all colours and paint were fainted, however the ride turned out to be comfortable none the less. Immigration at the Malaysian border went much smoother than I could have ever imagined; even though the guys in front of me were asked plenty of questions, I got a mere smile and a swift stamp in my passport. Jackpot. Continue reading Melaka, Malaysia: Heat Struck


Pygmies, budgies, KUALA LUMPUR

(This entry is part of the Coming 2016 side blog)

I’m not even going to try and explain this one. I’m just going to put a link to it and pretend it never happened. This little flash video makes no sense. But it does feature Kuala Lumpur, disguised as France, and that’s why I cannot hear or read this city’s name without singing it in my head and visualizing it’s witty camouflage.

Why Malaysia? Well, basically because it’s between Singapore and Thailand. And I’ve been to Thailand, I’ve had my share of the beaches, the limestone cliffs, the touristy jungles. When I read up on Malaysia, there weren’t much things that stood out enough to make me want to centre an entire trip around it. Same same, but different… I guess it might be true. However there is one thing that does thrill me: Malay food culture. We all know it’s famed. We all know it’s fusion, exotic, low key. I want to experience it. That’s what made me decide: the first leg of my 2016 trip will be about food. Singapore, Malaysia and later Jakarta: Imma go there for the bars and the street food. Try some new things. Drink some local beers. That’s it.

So I’m planning on making my way over land, from Singapore to Melacca. This little town, it’s said to be cute. It’s also UNESCO world heritage. It’s on the way to the Petronas Towers. I might as well stop and see what the buzz is about. Most of all, however, I love big cities. That’s why I think I’ll like Kuala Lumpur. A few days, why not? Explore the neighbourhoods, see some temples outside town. Catch a flight to the main destination: Indonesia.

I know a lot of people will feel like I’m rushing Malaysia. Just dropping in and out, as to tick it of the list and move on. I used to judge itineraries like that. I used to feel that visiting only two places in a country was plain ridiculous. That was when, I hadn’t travelled all that much myself. Now, I’ve realized that some experiences indeed loose impact. That it is actually okay to say “Nah, I don’t need to be in another jungle”, that it’s fine to be honest and selective about what truly interest you and ditch the rest. Spent those precious vacation days elsewhere.

In Indonesia, for example.

So, what’s up?

Well first of all: I didn’t want to go to Indonesia. I wanted to go to more foreign, “dangerous” places. I wanted to go to Iran. India. Egypt. To trot into the unknown.

I didn’t dare. I got called names. One guy asked me if I got smashed on the head with a hammer. So yeah… I chickened out, consoling myself by telling myself: “Travel is no fun if you have to do it scared.” I’m still not convinced that I was scared enough to let the dream go. But heck, I don’t want to die. So I decided to book a trip to the land of great tsunami’s and active volcanoes instead. 2016 will be the year of Indonesia. Or, that is, Java and Bali. It will also be the year in which I’ll finally see Singapore and – if my plane doesn’t go missing – Kuala Lumpur, too.

Asia’s up. And it’s even down: below the equator. I plan on completing a few of my long standing wishes: hike above 3000 meter, travel to the Southern part of the earth, swim in that undoubtedly over-rated infinity pool. I plan on splurging on luxurious beach resorts and mini-yoga retreats. I plan on getting ripped off by taxi drivers. On drooling at street food and UNESCO temples. On backpacking in loose fitting clothes.

I’m still not sure if I want to go to Indonesia. But I’ve booked my flights and even my lodgings. I’ve booked them waaaay too far ahead. Is that a good or a bad sign?

2016 is coming. kindly reminds me: 158 days, until my trip to Singapore. Let’s go!

Meet Spot
By the way: meet Spot, my new friend. He’s helping me plan this next trip and might join me on the adventure 🙂

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