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Expectations VS reality: South America’s 3 most impressive places

As it often goes, the sights I had the highest expectations of didn’t actually end up being my favourite places in South America. Some of them were blunt disappointments, most of them were simply outdone by things even more magical and stunning.
In this post I share the three places I had the highest expectations of, and the three sights that ended up effortlessly surpassing them.

One of the valleys in El Chalten, Argentina

Continue reading Expectations VS reality: South America’s 3 most impressive places


The essence of love: tango in the heart of Buenos Aires

Join me in watching a Milonga: where people dance tango on the squares of Buenos Aires. So many different ages, shapes and outfits together on a tiny patch of uneven stones. And yet all of them seem so happy, so relaxed and at the same time so intensely connected to the dance and the music. Continue reading The essence of love: tango in the heart of Buenos Aires

The travel blog is a little on hold

Hello all,

I just wanted to post a short message to update on the horribly stagnant status of my blog posts. As you might have noticed, I’m still digitally stuck in Georgia while in the meantime, in reality, I’ve visited five more countries that I haven’t written a word about yet. I’m currently in Argentina, the sixth, having a pretty good time.

Long story short, while I do enjoy sharing my pictures and stories with you, I’ve also noticed that I do not always have time to write proper blog posts. I’ve always intended to write when I like it and about the things I feel like sharing most, which is also why this page wont get enough views to be monetized any time soon. And since it’s not my job, I don’t want to invest any more energy in it than I truly enjoy wasting.

During the past two months I have noticed I don’t like my posts that much any more. I’ve written them because I felt like updating the blog, but not always because I was in the mood to share. They are not the kind of stories I want to write and not as revised as they should be. On top of that, I’ve noticed that during these past months I have hardly written anything for myself, in my private notebooks.

During this second part of the trip, I hope to do it differently. I have made the resolution to write more personal notes on paper and that will most probably mean there will be less posts on here. I do regret it, and I hope to find some time for writings in the near future. But in the meantime, do not be concerned: I am fine and still travelling. Just not writing as much. Also, Buenos Aires is seriously way to hot to spend lots of time on a laptop. I’m basically melting here!

For those of you interested in my journey and the places I visit, I intent to post more pictures with short captions on my Instagram page (TheLandOfDreaming) so you can still follow me there.

And of course, stay tuned because I don’t intent to shut this blog down completely.
I just don’t want to spend 1 out of 7 days working on it any more. You can subscribe to get notifications when new posts do appear, and I will also notify about them on Instagram when the time comes.

Cheers for now,

Signagi: Georgia’s city of love (and wine)

Located in the middle of Georgia’s famous wine region, overlooking fertile valleys and gazing up at the high Caucasus in the distance, lies the sleepy, tiny village of Signagi.

Outside high season, literally nothing is going on there. The streets were empty apart from a few locals wandering around. The restaurants that hadn’t already closed for the winter were filled with empty tables and wineries seemed surprised to see a tourist walk in. And yet I had a wonderful time. Continue reading Signagi: Georgia’s city of love (and wine)

A lonely start in Tbilisi

After my arrival in Tbilisi had left me with very mixed feelings, I decided to take sightseeing slowly. It had worked in Yerevan, after all: take some days to get used to the new country, the people, the vibe and the customs and then get to the more serious exploring.

My hostel was great, with good beds and breakfast pancakes served up until well after 10am. In the evenings, there were great views over the city, a rocking chair in front of the fire place and strong wifi. What more could I ask for? Continue reading A lonely start in Tbilisi

Smooth operators (and border crossings)

There is one morning marshrutka from Alaverdi to the Georgian border, and it passes through the city at 9am. While I slowly froze at the bus stop, a friendly taxi driver offered me a ride for ten times the price which, of course, I declined. Then he offered me to wait in his car because “I can see you cold” (nice try) and at 9:05am he insisted the bus wouldn’t show up. “If not come now, not come never!”

Sure enough we watched the marshrutka pull up five minutes later, me all focussed while trying to read the Armenian writing on the window and the taxi driver with a dead pan poker face. He would have gladly let the car pass by if he had the chance for it, and I dropped in my seat smiling to myself about that one golden rule: never EVER trust a taxi driver. Continue reading Smooth operators (and border crossings)

My top recommendations for Armenia

As I write this, the first leg of my round the world trip is slowly coming to an end. In less than a month I will be back home for Christmas. So far, I have travelled during three months, and through six countries. While all of them were great in their own way, two have managed to completely exceed my expectations: Kazakhstan and Armenia.

In this post I will attempt to share both my love for the country and my recommendations for low-budget travellers. Continue reading My top recommendations for Armenia