A little bit of slow the hell down

(This entry is part of the Coming 2016 side blog)

I’ve already said it. I’m flying to Jakarta and I’m staying there one night. That’s one afternoon for a few of the highlights and one evening for street food. I haven’t heard many good stories about the place anyway. “Grey and ugly” is about the most positive description anyone has given me about Jakarta. So, you know, I don’t feel the need to linger much longer.

Early next morning, I’ll travel to the countryside south of the capital to spent a few days at a homestay program. Frankly, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing there. Walk around the town, probably. Be chased by a bunch of kids that call you things you don’t understand. Eat home cooked meals and awkwardly hang around the house. Take a hike in the surrounding mountains. Laid back stuff. After my rushing from one metropolis to another, I want this to be a grounding way to start Java. A little bit of slow the hell down. A little bit of laziness.

I have a few doubts about homestays, because I find it hard to imagine what they’re like. Are people really going to care for me, or am I going to sit there all day with nothing to do? Are they going to show me the genuine places in their village or will they only take me to shops that want me to buy things? The reviews I read about Indonesia’s homestays are all loaded with superlatives but… maybe those come from people who usually stay in 5 star hotels and have never talked to a local, ever? I don’t know. However, I have stayed in temples before and if a homestay comes anywhere near the warm, “part of the club” feeling I got there, than it’s going to be awesome. If the food is anywhere near that delicious, I might stay forever. If the people are that willing to teach me new things, I’m going to dream overwhelmed dreams.

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