Pygmies, budgies, KUALA LUMPUR

(This entry is part of the Coming 2016 side blog)

I’m not even going to try and explain this one. I’m just going to put a link to it and pretend it never happened. This little flash video makes no sense. But it does feature Kuala Lumpur, disguised as France, and that’s why I cannot hear or read this city’s name without singing it in my head and visualizing it’s witty camouflage.

Why Malaysia? Well, basically because it’s between Singapore and Thailand. And I’ve been to Thailand, I’ve had my share of the beaches, the limestone cliffs, the touristy jungles. When I read up on Malaysia, there weren’t much things that stood out enough to make me want to centre an entire trip around it. Same same, but different… I guess it might be true. However there is one thing that does thrill me: Malay food culture. We all know it’s famed. We all know it’s fusion, exotic, low key. I want to experience it. That’s what made me decide: the first leg of my 2016 trip will be about food. Singapore, Malaysia and later Jakarta: Imma go there for the bars and the street food. Try some new things. Drink some local beers. That’s it.

So I’m planning on making my way over land, from Singapore to Melacca. This little town, it’s said to be cute. It’s also UNESCO world heritage. It’s on the way to the Petronas Towers. I might as well stop and see what the buzz is about. Most of all, however, I love big cities. That’s why I think I’ll like Kuala Lumpur. A few days, why not? Explore the neighbourhoods, see some temples outside town. Catch a flight to the main destination: Indonesia.

I know a lot of people will feel like I’m rushing Malaysia. Just dropping in and out, as to tick it of the list and move on. I used to judge itineraries like that. I used to feel that visiting only two places in a country was plain ridiculous. That was when, I hadn’t travelled all that much myself. Now, I’ve realized that some experiences indeed loose impact. That it is actually okay to say “Nah, I don’t need to be in another jungle”, that it’s fine to be honest and selective about what truly interest you and ditch the rest. Spent those precious vacation days elsewhere.

In Indonesia, for example.


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